lenin's return

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  • the return of lenin
    • lenin returned from exile in april 1917
    • political ideas
      • follower of Karl Marx
      • pre decided path through defined society leading to an overall communist society
      • bourgeoisie, capitalist stage (middle class) - industrial workers - owners of the production
      • ...was replaced by creation of a socialist society based on equality
      • lenin founded a solution that instead of the industrial class leading a socialist revolution, it would be lead by professional revolutionaries
        • however, most Bolsheviks were living in exile and the revolution came as a surprise to lenin
        • he welcomed the war as the demands would cause the socialist revolution
    • lenin returning to russia
      • crossed enemy territory during the war as he was exiled in Zurich
      • march 1917, received permission from the german government to travel across in a 'sealed train'
      • arrival had been publicised in advance and a large crowd awaited him
      • lenin addressed the crowd
      • before the Bolsheviks and mensheviks could welcome the February revolution because it saw an important stage in terms of reaching socialism (also supported the provisional government)
      • Lenin's speech condemned the provisional government and demanded a social revolution. published in Pravda and as the april theses


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