The Restoration - good for Charles?

British Monarchy: the Crisis of State, 1642-1689

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  • The Restoration - good for Charles?
    • Finance
      • Good
        • Granted a fixed salary
        • Still had custom duties and excisetax
      • Bad
        • Lost income from wardship and purveyance
        • Dependent on Parliament for finances
    • Problems caused by Regicide
      • Good
        • Difficult decisions such as control of Royalist Lands taken out of his control
    • Royal prerogative
      • Good
        • Issue ignored - therefore Charles had more power than previous monarchs
        • Charles still had...
          • Control of the Church
          • Right to veto legislation
          • Right to choose ministers
        • Domestic, Foreign and Religious Policy still responsibility of the monarch
      • Bad
        • Lost prerogative taxation and court rights
    • Religion
      • Good
        • Had support of the restored C of E
      • Bad
        • Charles liked toleration - contrast to local elites
        • Savoy Conference 1661 - proposals would return England to a traditional religious policy
          • Despite Charles reminding Parliament of the toleration promised in the Declaration of Breda
    • Military
      • Good


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