The Restless Earth

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  • The Restless Earth
    • Plate Boundaries
      • Destructive plate margin is where the oceanic plate sinks beneath the continental because it is denser and this creates friction- causing an earthquake. Then, the plate breaks down and the magma rises to form a volcano
      • Constructive plate margins are where the two plates move away from each other, so magma rises in the new gap and cools to form a volcano
      • Collision plate boundaries are when two continental plates push together to form fold mountains
    • Continental and Oceanic Crusts
      • Continental
        • Older
        • Lighter
        • Thicker
      • Oceanic
        • Slimmer
        • Younger
        • Heavier
    • Types of Volcano
      • Shield volcanoes
        • Thin runny lava
        • Non violent
        • Frequent eruptions
        • Slopes aren't steep
      • Composite Volcanoes
        • violent
        • Lava and ash
        • Not frequent
        • Steep sides
    • Super Volcanoes
      • 1000 times worse than a normal eruption
      • Caldera dome
      • Effects
        • The UK will receive the ash cloud 5 days later
        • Kill people and animals within a 1000km distance
        • Change weather globally-make it colder
          • Stop the monsoon in Asia


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