The Renaissance - Medicine Through Time

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  • The Renaissance
    • Public Health
      • Rubbish on streets
      • No clean water
      • Bad personal hygiene (no baths)
      • Only rich could afford clean water, baths and toilets
    • Causes of disease
      • Imbalance of Humours
      • Punishment from God
    • Training of Doctors
      • Encourage medical students to experiment
      • Church no longer controls training
      • More scope for challenging Galen
      • Dissection more common
      • Students encouraged to do practical work in hospitals
    • Treatment of Disease
      • Bleeding, purging, exericise
      • Natural Remedies
      • Praying to God
      • Flagellation
    • Individuals
      • Andrew Vesalius: Fabric of The Human Body (1543), one jaw bone - Galen WRONG
      • William Harvey: Blood circulation
      • Colombo: Arteries, lungs returns through veins
      • Fabricius: veins have valves
    • Other
      • Royal Society: Reasoning, logic and experimentation
      • Advances are ONLY in anatomy


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