Removal of the Opposition

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  • The Removal of Opposition 1933 - 34
    • The Reichstag Fire - 1933
      • Nazis arrested Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch Communist.
        • Hitler and Goebbels blamed the fire on the Communists.
    • The Enabling Bill - 1933
      • Communist members not allowed to vote.
      • Communist Party not counted - Nazis needed less votes.
      • Gave Hitler and his government full power for 4 years.
      • SA intimidated members as they entered the chamber.
      • Gave Hitler the power to pass laws without consulting the Reichstag.
    • The Nazi Labour Front
      • Trade Unions were banned.
      • Created to replace trade unions and employers' groups.
      • Strikes were outlawed and dissenters were sent to concentration camps.
    • Breakdown of federal structure
      • Hitler decided that the 18 Landers (districts) in Germany were to be run by Reich Governors.
        • Centralised the country for the first time since 1871.
    • The Night of the Long Knives - 1934
      • Hitler saw the SA as a threat.
      • Hitler needed to win the support of the army.
        • Rohm wanted to incorporate the army into the SA - opponents.
      • The SA leader, Rohm, wanted a social revolution.
        • Created tension with Hitler. Rohm wanted to move away from Germany's class structure.
      • ** wanted to break away from the SA.
      • Goering (Head of Gestapo) wanted to lead the armed forces.
        • Saw Rohm as an opponent.
      • 30th June 1934 - Rohm and the main leaders were shot dead by **.
        • Hitler also killed key figures with views similar to Rohm's (von Schleicher, Gregor Strasser).
          • About 400 people were killed in the purge.
    • Death of Hindenburg - August 1934
      • Army swore allegiance to Hitler.
      • Hitler combined the roles of Chancellor and President and named himself Fuhrer.


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