The Red Scare

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  • The Red Scare: 4 Main causes
    • Politicians trying to raise their own profile
      • McCarthy
    • American public hysteria
      • Interrogations filmed and photographed
      • Caught up in drama
      • Contribution to the Red Scare
    • Rivalry between political parties
      • If they could be seen to fixing the issue, gain more votes
        • Made mountains out of mole hills
        • Extremes-  to be seen as tough on Communism
      • Contribution to the Red Scare
    • Fear of Communist Spies
      • The Rosenbergs (1954)
      • Alger Hiss case (1948)
      • Hollywood Ten (1947)
      • Klaus Fuchs (1949)
      • Contribution to the red Scare


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