The reasons for the decline of marriage and growing co-habitation

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  • The reasons for the decline of marriage and growing co-habitation
    • The reduced function of the family
      • Some functionalists argue that the function of family is no longer needed
      • This is because other institutions provide the same functions
    • Rising divorce rate
      • Couples may se the rising divorce rate as evidence that marriage doesn't work so they dont get married
    • Changing role of women
      • Women expect more emotional connection with their husbands than previous generations.
        • Thornes and Collard
      • Women's expectation of marriage has increased, and they are less likely to be OK with the expressive role.
      • Co-habitation provides an alternative to marriage which allows for the emotional fulfilment without all the legal baggage.
      • Growing economic independence of women has given them more freedom to choose their relationships.
    • The "risk society"
      • He found that people are now having to make their own decisions as apposed to sticking with traditions
      • Beck
      • This means that people are more conscious to the reality of marriage and therefore are more ware of the downsides to it
    • Reduced social stigma
      • Younger generations have a more "easy going" nature when it comes to relationships than older generations do.
      • This could be caused by growing securalsiation
    • Growing seculation
      • Less that a 1/3 of marriages involve a religious ceremony
      • Marriage and co-habittaion are now far more induvual choices rather than religuos.


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