The Purpose of Suffering

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  • The Purpose of Suffering, SAAPFATE
    • Satan
      • Satan causes suffering.  God tries to stop him
    • Acceptance
      • God is the supreme being.  We have no right to question him
    • Alive
      • Pain lets us know something is wrong so we can do something about it
    • Punishment
      • Suffering is punishment for the things we do and think
    • Free will
      • God gave humans free will because he didn't want us to be like robots.  It is a gift and we use it to cause suffering
    • Appreciation
      • We need to experience suffering to appreciate the goodness in life
    • Test of faith
      • If we live through the suffering and keep the faith in God, we will be rewarded, Book of Job
    • Education
      • Suffering brings us closer to God.  It gives us courage and we grow emotionally


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