The Provisional Government

The Fall Of The Provisional Government and the start of the Bolshevik takeover.

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  • The Provisional Government
    • Problems
      • Duma
        • World War One
        • Land Distribution
        • Food Logistics
      • A Mixed Group
        • Revolutionaries, Aristocrats and a Petrograd Soviet
          • Alexander Kerensky
    • Actions
      • Promised to continue the war
        • And to stabalise Russia
      • Urged peasants to wait for elections
        • Would allow for a new democratic government
    • Public View
      • Workers' attention to the Petrograd Soviet
        • Leads to the return of Lenin
          • April Thesis
            • Pushed for another Rebellion
            • Bolshevik Support
    • Lenin
      • 'Peace, Land and Bread' slogan
        • Support from Army and Soviets
      • War effort fails
        • Peasant takeover in countryside


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