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  • the provinces under the principate
    • 27B- Augustus was granted a ten year commission to administer the provinces of Spain, Gaul and Syria with his PI.
    • 23BC- his imperium was officially recognised as superior to anyone- PIM.
      • the provinces that he was invited to administer in 27BC were those which requiters huge standing armies.
    • augustus kept military power in his hands
      • he wanted to curb over-ambitiouscommanders etc
    • division of  the provinces
      • he divided the provinces into two: the provinces which had been under Roman rule for a long time- the peaceful ones and then the more barbaric.
        • peaceful provinces- senatorialprovinces.
        • armed and more barbaric provinces- imperial provinces run by augustus.
    • later changes in provincial responsibility
      • some senatorial provinces, however, did need the presence of an army- Augustuswas also able to intervene here.
      • however if the newer provinces became more peaceful he would transfer them over to the senate.


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