The Problem of Evil: Iraneus

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  • The Problem of Evil: Iraneus
    • God's aim to make humans flawless, in his likeness.
    • Genuine human perfection isn't ready made
      • Developed through free choice
    • God gave us free choice
      • Potential to disobey him given by God.
        • No such potential if there was no possibility of evil.
      • If God policed his world continually there would be no free will.
    • Natural Order = designed
      • With potential to cause harm as humans are imperfect.
      • God had to stand back from his creation.
    • Humans used freedom to disobey God.
      • Suffering
    • God cannot compromise freedom by removing evil.
    • Evil and suffering will be overcome.
      • Everyone will develop into God's likeness, living in glory in heaven.
        • This justifies temporary evil.


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