The principles of responsible toursim

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  • The principles of responsible tourism
    • Minimise the negatives- economic, environmental and social- cultural impacts
      • Environmental- build car parks on the outside of town and operate a park a ride scheme
      • Socio- cultural- paint buildings in colours that blend in with current buildings
      • Socio-cultural- build a fence round a scared monument, making it off limits to tourists
      • Economic-build  new access roads linking local houses to the new development
      • Economic- use local suppliers for food and drink suppliers in a hotel
    • Greates economic benefits for local people and improve their quality of life
      • Sponser a local crafts festval
      • Use local suppliers for food and drink supplies in a hotel
    • Promotes the conservation of natural and cultural heritage
      • Sponser a local crafts festival
    • Promotes respect between tourists and locals
      • Produce a handout for tourists informing them about appropriate attire when walking around the town


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