Nazi Germany - Police state in nazi Germany

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  • The Police State in Nazi Germany
    • The Gestapo
      • The Gestapo were the police
      • They could arrest people on suspicion and imprison them without giving a reason
        • If your local Gestapo decided they wanted to arrest you, you had no choice
      • They often worked off tips from informers
      • Germans felt that they could trust nobody
    • Trials
      • Judges were put under Nazi ontrol
      • Trials produced the results that the Nazis wanted
      • If trials took place at all, it was often just for publicity
      • D-11 bypassed courts and sent people straight to the camp
        • People signed the D-11 which put them in protective custody meaning the camps
          • They often signed it because they were tortured
    • The **
      • Ran the concentration camps
        • Replaced ordinary prisons
        • The camps were oftened connected to factories making vital war materials
        • Camps were places where inmates had to do hard physical work as a punishment
        • Most who went in did not come out again
        • Prisinors included: Jews, Communists, Trde unionists and Church figures
      • Were fanatically loyal to Hitler and carried out harsh punishments
        • Eventually using the camps for the mass killing of the Jews


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