The Photo Electric Effect

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  • The Photo Electric effect
    • What is it?
      • The process in which elctrons are emittted from a metal when light with a high enough frequency is shined apon it.
    • What Happens?
      • 1. Light or Electromagnetic radiation falls onto a surface of a metal
      • 2. Free eclectrons on the surface absorb energy from the light.
      • 3.The electrons vibrate faster by converting the light energy into kintic energy
      • 4. If enough energy is absorbed and converted the electrons will melt bonds and fly free
    • Electrons Emitted are called Photoelectrons
    • E=hf=hc/wavelength
      • h being planks constant =6.63x10-34
      • c being  the speed of light in a vaccum =3.00x10+8 ms-1
    • Wave theory just doesnt work
    • Frequency
      • Low Frequency- the less energy each electron carries
      • The higher the frequency the more energy each electron carries
    • Light Intensity
      • Hight Intensity Light leads to more electrons emitted
      • Low Intensity light leads to less electrons being emitted


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