The persuasiveness of TV advertising

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  • The persuasiveness of TV advertising
    • Hard and Soft sell advertising.
      • HS presents factual info
      • ** more subtle and creative persuasion techniques.
    • Product endorsement
      • Fowles 1996 found that in 1990 20% of tv commercials used celebs.
      • Giles 2003 - celebs provide a familiar face and act as a reliable source of info.
    • Children and advertisement
      • Martin 1997 - (meta analysis) correlation between age of child and understanding of persuasive content.
        • Older children understood the intent and trusted the ad less.
    • Pester power - Ads to young children increase the degree to which they pester their parents.
      • Pine & Nash 2001 - Strong positive correlation between no of ads watched and items on childrens letters to santa.
    • The importance of congruence.
      • Bushman 2007 - Tv ads would be better remembered if there was congruence between the programme content and the ad.
    • Sex, violence and persuasive ads.
      • 18 to 34 year olds are more susceptible to commercial influence as they have less well established buying habits (Hamilton).
      • Because young people watch more tv than older people advertisers embed commercial messages in programs that contain sex or violence.
      • Bushman 2005 - the content of these programmes impair memory for ads.


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