Periodic Table.C1.1.2 AQA

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  • The periodic Table = C1.1.2
    • Elements in the same group in the periodic table have the same number of protons in their outer-most shell.
      • This gives them similiar Chemical Properties.
        • How reactive they are to oxygen/air and Water.
        • Apperance
          • e.g. How shiny
          • Colour
          • Texture
    • Group 0 / The Noble Gases.
      • They are very unreactive
        • This is because, they have a stable arrangement of electrons in their outer-most shell.
          • (Their outer most shell is full)
      • All noble Gases have 8 electrons in their outershell/ except Helium.
    • Group 1/Alkali Metals
      • Lithium, Sodium and Potasium react vigorously with Water and Oxygen.
        • They produce hydrogen and a strong metal Hydroxide.
          • The Metal Hydroxides are strong Alkalis.
        • The Alkali Metals react vigorously with oxygen to produce strong metal oxides.
      • These are very smooth and shiny, but when exposed to oxygen and water they react and become dull.


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