The Periodic Table and Covalent Bonding-C4

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  • The Periodic Table and Covalent Bonding
    • Non metals share electrons between atoms-covalent bonding
    • The attraction between carbon dioxide molecules is called an intermolecula-r force
      • The weak intermolecula-r forces in substances have similar structures, meaning they are easy to break apart, and therefore they have low melting points
      • There are no free electrons, so CO2 and water do not conduct electricity
    • The group number is the same as the number of electrons in the outer shell
    • In 1865, Newlands put 56 elements into groups and saw that every 8th element behaved similarly. This was not accepted until more evidence was found
      • In 1869, Mendeleev arranged the elements in order in a table. He noticed periodic changes in properties
        • He left gaps for undiscovered elements


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