The Periodic Table

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  • The Periodic Table
    • Elements are listed in order of increasing atomic number.
    • Horizontal rows are called periods.
    • Vertical columns are called groups.
      • All elements in the same group have the same number of outer-shell electrons.
      • The group number is the same as the number of electrons.
      • Elements in the same group have similar chemical properties.
    • Group 1 (Alkali Metals)
      • All react with water to form alkaline solutions.
    • Group 7 (Halogens)
      • Form salts when they react with metals.
        • Eg. Chlorine  + sodium --> sodium chloride.
    • Group 8/0 (Noble Gases)
      • Do not readily form compounds with other elements.
      • Full outer-shell of electrons.
        • None of the atoms either gains or loses electrons easily.


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