The Periodic Table Of Elements.

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  • The Periodic Table
    • The arrangement
      • The rows on the Periodic Table are called Periods.
      • The columns are called groups.
      • Some of the elements in the middle, the transition elements, have no group number.
    • Background Information
      • The Periodic Table is a table showing all the known elements.
      • The table is arranged in a logical way that allows chemists to predict the properties of individual elements.
    • Mendeléev
      • The first useful 'periodic table' was developed by Dmitri Mendeléev in 1869.
      • He realised that when the elements were arranged in order of relative atomic mass, their properties showed recurring patterns.
      • He noticed that there appeared to be gaps in the sequence, he concluded that these gaps represented elements that had yet to be discovered.
      • Using his periodic table, he successfully predicted the properties of some of the undiscovered elements.
      • The elements are now arranged in order of atomic number, not atomic mass.


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