Moraines and permafrost

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  • Moraines
    • Lateral
      • Ridges of moraine that come from the valley sides and run parallel to those valley sides
    • Medial
      • Formed when a tributary glacier joins the main glacier and two lateral moraines join up
    • Terminal
      • Rocks deposited in a ridge at the maximum advance of the ice
    • Englacial
      • Any material trapped within the ice. Includes material that has fallen down crevasses and the rocks being scraped along the valley floor
    • Ground
      • Moraine spread all over the ground as a glacier retreats up valley in warmer times
  • Permafrost
    • Permafrost is permanently frozen ground
    • The thickness of the permafrost decreases as the distance from the Arctic increases
    • The upper surface of the permafrost's called the permafrost table
    • The top few centimetres of soil may temporally melt during the summer when temperature rises above 0°C. This is called the active layer
      • In the winter the active layer refreezes


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