The Peace Settlement

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  • The Peace Settlements
    • There were 3 main concerns
      • Millions were dead or injured.
        • Countries like Belgium and France were devastated - the main powers had spent too much money on war.
      • Many people wanted Germany to take all the blame.
        • This meant Germany and her allies weren't allowed to take part in peace talks.
      • Everyone wanted to make sure that a war like this would never happen again.
        • Nobody could agree how to do this - The system of alliances had failed.
    • The Big Three were France, Britain and the USA
      • France - Clemenceau  Britain - Lloyd George  The USA - Wilson
      • All three had ideas about the settlement and often disagreed
        • This meant a compromise was made. Only some of their ideas became part of the settlement
      • France had suffered severely, Britain had also suffered - they both wanted to punish Germany
        • The USA had suffered less - they were less emotional and wanted to stay  impartial.
    • Wilson suggested 14 points
      • Wilson had come up with the 14 points in January 1918 when the Germans were asking for a truce
      • Germany rejected them in Jan. 1918
        • When the fighting ended they changed their minds and wanted to base the peace settlement on them
      • The Allies refused Wilson's Points because the Germans had rejected them prior
      • The Fourteen Points were an important part of the peace process - especially point 14 which called for a League of Nations to settle disputes.


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