The Participant as an individual

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  • The Participant as an individual
    • Age & Sport
      • flexibility - deceases with age
      • strength -  deceases with age, maximum strength wont come till 20
      • oxygen capacity - reduces with age as heat becomes less efficient.
      • skill level - Improves with age
      • recovery - it takes a longer period of time to recover
    • Disability & Sport
      • Adaptations -  sports have to have rule changes e.g. 2 bounces in wheel chair tennis
      • access -  disabled people need to get into the leisure centre e.g. ramps & lifts
      • Parking - parking spaces nearer to the door and larger spaces
      • Provision - specialist coaches and training for teachers is required, sessions where abled bodied play with the less able
    • Gender & sport
      • Physique - males; naturally larger and more muscular
      • cardiovascular endurance - males naturally have better stamina. females have smaller lungs and heart
      • strength - males are generally stronger as they have a larger muscle mass
      • bone structure - females are prone to ostesporosis are they get older due to decreased bone density
      • flexibility - femals have increased flexibilty
      • fat
    • Physique
      • Ectomorph - narrow shoulders and hips, thin legs and arms, low muscles and low fat
      • Endomorph - pear shaped body, wide hips, high body fat, short legs
      • Mesomorph - wedge shaped body, broad shoulders, narrow hips, increased muscle.
    • Enviroment & Sport
      • weather - rain: slippy, heavy clothing, ball will be hard to handle sunny: hard to see, sweat can be distracting, hydration can be hard.
      • pollution - tirer faster, not enough oxygen to working muscles, prone to hypervetilation, clog up lungs
      • altitude - less oxgyen, breath faster, over time the body makes more red blood cells
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