GCSE AQA PE Unit1 part1

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  • The Participant as an individual
    • Age
      • Flexibility, strength, oxygen capacity decreases as age increases.
      • Skill level increases with age and experience.
      • Longer recovery time when older.
      • Age divisions are needed for fair game.
    • Disability
      • Physical, mental, permanent or temporary.
      • Adaptations can be made
        • Paralympics, wheelchair basketball etc
        • Sports, rules (such as travelling) etc
        • Equipment, ball-bearings in football etc
        • Classifications, Athletics use letters (T for track and F for field) etc
      • Facilities- access,parking,provision.
    • Gender
      • Physical Difference
        • Body shape, size and physique
          • Smaller hearts will pump less oxygen to muscles
          • Females have smaller heart and lungs
          • Take longer to recover
          • Smaller muscles = weaker
          • Males are 40-50% stronger and more powerful
          • Running style is less efficient
          • More fat = heavier
          • Females have larger pelvis
          • Females have higher % of fat
          • Females are smaller
          • Perform better in sports that need more power
        • Menstruation
          • Females suffer from hormonal imbalance
          • Cramps decrease participation
          • Ligaments weaken making females prone to more injuries
        • Females and Males don’t compete against each other in physical sports because:
          • Injuries are easily caused
          • Women are disadvantaged meaning it is unequal
    • Physique
      • Physique - Somatotypes
        • Ectomorph
          • Eg. Jockey, Gymnastics, Dancer
          • Long, fragile, small bodies, slender and thin narrow shoulders and hips, minimal muscle and body fat.
        • Endomorph
          • Large, high amount of fat,wide hips and narrow shoulders, characterised by fatness.
          • Eg. Rugby players, Sumo
        • Mesomorph
          • Huge strong bones,big chested- body mass well proportioned
          • Eg. Swimmer
    • By Chris Parsons


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