The Big Three

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  • The Big Three
    • The mood in 1919
      • France, Britain and the USA felt that Germany should be blamed for the war.
    • Georges Clemenceau (France)
      • Wanted to cripple Germany so that it wouldn't attack again.
      • Realist and knew he had to compromise but wanted to weaken Germany.
    • Woodrow Wilson (USA)
      • Germany should be punished but not too harshly as Germany would take revenge.
      • Aimed to strengthen Germany's democracy so that Germany's people wouldn't want to start another war.
      • Wilson was an idealist and wanted a peaceful and better world.
    • David Lloyd George (Great Britain)
      • Punished but not too harshly, wanted Germany to lose its navy and colonies because Britain thought they threatened the British Empire.
      • Wanted to begin trading between Britain and Germany.
        • Before war, Germany had been Britain's largest trading partner.
        • More jobs for British.


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