Overlap of law and morality (Morality 2)

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  • The overlap of law and morality
    • In any legal system there will be an overlap between legal and moral rules
      • This can be described by Salmond's interlocking circles which shows how much the law and morals coincide in primary law, but also where there is a separation between the two
    • The Ten Commandments which include murder and theft reflect the opinions of society that, for example, murder is morally wrong and will result in punishments
    • Public morality influences reform often such as in the Abortion Act 1967 which was introduced due to the general acceptance of abortions in society.
    • This debate between law and morals continues to be important. Clearly, morals do change, and so do laws and this means that today and way into the future laws will constantly be changing due to the acceptance or perhaps the unacceptable of certain things in society.


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