The Outcome of the Treaty of Versailles

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  • The Outcomes of the Treaty of Versailles
    • Armed  Forces
      • Reduce  army to 100,000 men, No tanks/Air force,  No Submarines /large ships only, Rhineland is a DM2, No conscription, France and Britain could be in Rhine land for 15 yrs
    • Guilt
      • Clause 231, meant Germany had to take the blame for starting the war (so had to pay). Germans thought it was the worst clause
    • Reparations
      • Germany was expected to pay £6.6 Billion (Set in 1921)
    • German Territories
      • Had to lose these territories... The Polish Corridor, The land gained in   Brest-Litovsk treaty, return Alsace-Lorraine to France,  Danzig was used as an Polish Port, West Prussia & Posen/West   Silesia to Poland.
      • No Anschluss with Austria, German Colonies given to the LON
    • League of Nations
      • League of Nations set up as a international "Police Force".  Germany wasn't invited until it was showing it was a peace loving country. Wilson's dream
    • Key Words : Dm2- Demilitarized  zone, Anschluss- Union, Conscription - Army as an Job
    • Remember Gargle


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