The Open Door Policy

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  • The 'Open Door' Policy
    • Why introduce the 'Open Door' policy?
      • America had long connections with China
        • Sent missionaries there
        • Many Chinese come to the US (particularly to build railways in the West)
      • 1896 - businessmen formed the American China Development Company
        • Promoted trade and investment
      • Europeans also trading with China
        • European powers extending own territory there and building up spheres of influence
      • McKinley introduced an 'Open Door' policy
        • Allowed all nations to trade freely with China
        • Trying to prevent China from being absorbed into a European empire
      • 1900 - Secretary of State John Hay wrote to European powers suggesting all ports they owned or wanted should be open to all traders
        • Powers didn't reply so Hay introduced the 'Open Door' policy
      • Influenced by desire to protect and develop trade
        • Shared by businessmen and government
      • Acquisition of the Philippines in 1898 increased interest in the Far East
      • US preventing European states from annexing China
        • Done for the good of the USA and not China
    • Results of introducing the 'Open Door' policy
      • Even though it was primarily an economic position, US were now interested in Chinese Affairs
      • 1900 - Chinese nationalist society the 'Boxers' attacked and killed thousands of foreigners
        • Also captured Peking/Beijing
      • Showed that it didn't satisfy some citizens
      • Proof China wanted their independence
      • Shows that US are being dragged into foreign affairs


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