The ontological argument

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  • The Ontological argument
    • Key Concepts
      • A Priori (logic), deductive, analytic (definition alone). uses reason alone & contains a self evidently true conclusion
    • Supporters
      • Anselm- defines god. in re, in intellectu, the fool believes it cannot be true.
        • Key quote: 'without doubt, therefore, there exists, both in the understanding and in reality, something than which a greater cannot be thought'
      • Descartes- I exist therefore a perfect being exists. doesn't rely on unreliable empirical evidence
        • Key quote- 'cognito ergo sum- I think therefore I am'
        • Malcolm-  god must exist necessarily, if god could exist he does exist.
          • Key quote- 'existence cannot be a perfection of something'
        • Plantinga- god is maximally great and perfect and must exist in all worlds
          • Plantinga observed- '... the greatest possible being must have maximal excellence in every possible world'
    • Against
      • Gaunilo- greatest island. if the logic were applied to things other than god it would lead to invalid conclusions
        • Hume- false assumption. only ever contingent. existence is a matter of fact.
          • Key quote- 'we cannot define something into existence, even if it has all the perfections we can imagine'
      • Kant- existence isn't associated with the definition of something. predicate.
        • Key quote- 'God is an object of pure thought'


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