The Ontological Argument

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  • The Ontological Argument
    • Descartes
      • Argued that existence was a predicate of God, its part of his nature
      • God is a supreme being
      • Perfection is a predicate of God's existence.
      • It's immutable that God exists, therefore he is perfect
      • Perhaps God is a different case to a triangle
    • Anselm
      • Proslogian 2
        • God is the being that which nothing greater can be conceived
        • Otherwise something greater could be concieved
      • Proslogian 3
        • There is necessary and contingent existence.
        • It is impossible for God not to exist, as existence is one of God's predicates
    • Gaunilo
      • He used the example of the island to challenge Anselm
      • You cannot apply Anselm's reasoning to other objects.
      • He stresses that existence is a precept of perfection
      • Gaunilo believed it was too much of a leap from God is the greatest conceivable being, therefore he must exist.
    • Kant
      • Existence is not a predicate.
      • We can think of a triangle, and reject the existence of it.
      • Existence is not a key definition.
      • Existence doesn't make a object better, it doesn't add anything to it


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