The Ontological Argument (Simple)

The ontological Argument in simple terms on a mind map

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  • The Ontological Argument
    • Try and show the existence is a natural part of God's being
      • Analytic argument - the premise and the conclusion are not based upon external evidence or experience
    • Anselm
      • Imagine his addressing this argument to a fool
      • a priori argument
      • A being than which nothing can be conceived
    • Gaunilo
      • Mutatis Mutandis (by substitution of terms)
      • The Perfect Island
      • In defense of the fool
    • Anselm's First Response
      • Islands are contingent (things that rely on other things to exist)
      • It is non-contradictory to deny the existence of the Island
    • Kant
      • He rejected that existence is a predicate or perfection
      • X does not exist means X lacks existence


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