Characters in the odyssey

Please feel free to comment on things I could add or any mistakes you spot.

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  • The Odyssey's Characters.
    • Poseidon
      • He has a trident,a chariotand 4 long-maned hoeses
      • Epithets:   Lord of the Earthquake, grinder of the earth.
      • He was in etheopia when athene askes zeus to let osysseus go.
      • His palace is at Aegae.
      • The father of Polyphemus.
    • Hermes
      • Envoy = messanger
      • sandals of untarnished gold.
      • Winged helmet
      • Golden wand
      • Gives Odysseus moly (herb).
      • The giant killer/slayer
    • Ino
      • Ino of the thin ankles
      • Enchanted veil to put around Odysseus's waist to protect him.
      • Tells Odysseus to remove all his clothes.
      • She was once a woman but now lives in the sea as a godess
    • Dawn
      • Rosy fingered
      • Calypso says she fell in love with a mortal but it wasn't allowed.
      • She signifies the passing of time - "Enthroned her self in the sky".
    • Athene
      • Goddess of war and wisdom.
      • She was on the Greek's side of the trojan war.
      • Also known as "Pallas Athene"
      • Wears the aegis but ther's no evidence.
      • The un-sleeping child of Zeus.
      • She begged Zeus to let Odysseus go from Calypso because she thought he had suffered enough.




What about the other characters eg Odysseus

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