The Nucleus

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  • The nucleus
    • most prominant feautre of epithelial cells and contains organisms hereditary material and controls cells acitivites. usually spherical
    • Nuclear envelope - double membrane surrounding nucleus. has continous outer membrane with endoplasmic reticulum of cell, often ribosomes on surface. controls passage of substances in nucleus and chemical reaction occur within it.
    • nuclear pores - allow passage of large molecules out of nucleus
    • nucleoplasm - granular jelly like material making up bulk of nucleus
    • chromatin - DNA in nucleoplasm, diffuse form that chromosomes take up when cell not dividing
    • nucelolus - small spherical body in nucleoplasm, manufactures ribosomal RNA and assembles ribosomes.
    • function of nucleus ...
      • control centre of cell through production of mRNA and protein synthesis
      • retain cells genetic material as DNA or chromosomes
      • maufacture ribosomal RNA and ribosomes


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