The nervous system

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  • The Nervous System
    • Sense Organs
      • Eyes
        • Light receptors
      • Ears
        • Sound and Balance receptors
      • Nose
        • Smell receptors
      • Tongue
        • Taste receptors
      • Skin
        • Sensitive to touch, pressure and temp change
    • Central Nervous System
      • Coordinates a responce
      • Consists of the brain and the spinal cord
      • Neurones transmit information (electrical pulses)
      • Instructions from CNS are sent to effectors
    • Neurones
      • Sensory
        • Nerve cells that carry signals as electrical impulses from receptors to CNS
      • Motor
        • Nerve cells that carry signals to effectors
    • Effectors
      • Muscles and glands
      • Muscles contract and glands secrete hormones


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