The Nervous System

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  • The Nervous System
    • Five Sense Organs
      • Eyes
        • Light receptors- sensitive to light
      • Ears
        • Sound receptors- sensitive to sound, also balance receptors- change in postition
      • Nose
        • Smell receptors- sensitive to chemical stimuli
      • Tongue
        • Taste receptors- chemical stimuli
      • Skin
        • Sensitive to touch, pressure, pain and temp change
    • A Stimulus
      • Change in your Environment
        • Light, sound, touch, pressure, pain, chemical, change in position/temp.
    • Neurones
      • Sensory Neurone- nerve cells, carry electrical impulses via receptors to the CNS
      • Relay Neurone- nerve cells, carry signals from Sensory Neurone to Motor Neurone
      • Motor Neurone- nerve cells, carry signals from CNS to to the Effector (muscles or glands)
      • Effectors- muscles contract and glands secrete hormones
    • CNS
      • Brain and Spinal Chord
      • Neurones transmit information to the CNS
      • 'Instructions' from CNS are sent to the effectors
    • Synapse
      • Connection between two Neurones
      • Nerve signal transferred by chemicals, which diffuse across the gap
    • Reflexes
      • Automatic Responses
      • Passage of info in a reflex (receptor to the effector) is called a reflex arc
    • Reflex Arc
      • Go through the spinal chord or the unconscious part of the brain


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