The Nervous System :)

All About The Nervous System! :) x

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  • The Nervous System
    • Receptors found in:
      • Eyes
        • Light
      • Nose
        • Chemicals in the Air
      • Ears
        • Sound & Position of Head
      • Tongue
        • Chemicals in Food
      • Skin
        • Touch, Pressure, Pain & Temprature
    • The Neurones:
      • Sensory Neurone
        • Carry signals from the receptor to the Spinal Cord & Brain
      • Relay Neurone
        • Carry signals from the CNS to the Effectors.
      • Motor Neurone
        • Carry messages from one part of the Central Nervous System(CNS) to another
    • Synapse
      • A tiny gap where 2 Neurones meet, the signals cross the gap by releasing chemicals from one Neurone, and the chemical diffuses through the gap to the other Neurone, and it transmitts the signal on.
    • stimulus ? receptor ? sensory neurone ? relay neurone ? motor neurone ? effector
    • The Reflex Action:


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