Science- the nervous system

Mind map on the nervous system to revise from.

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  • The Nervous system
    • Recptors: A group of specialised cells that can detect changes in the enviroment- Stimuli
      • Eyes-light
      • Nose- Chemiacls in air
      • Skin- Touch, Pressure, Pain and temperature
      • Tounge- Chemicals in food
      • Ears- Sound and position of head
    • Neurones: nerve cells that carry information as tiny electrical signals.
      • Sensory neurones- carry signals from receptors to the spinal cord and brain
      • Relay neurones- carry messages from one part of thje CNS to another
      • Motor neurones carry signals from the CNS to effectors
      • Synapses- where two neurones meet there is a tiny gap called a synapses. Signals cross the gap using chemicals.
    • When a receptor is stimulated it sends a signal to the central nervous system, where the brain coordinates the response, but sometimes a very quick response is needed, one that does not involve the brain: this is a reflex action
      • Stimulus->receptor->sensory neurone->rlay neurone->motor neurone->effector
      • An effector is any part of the body that produces the response, an example is a muscle contracting
  • Ears- Sound and position of head


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