The need for communication

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  • The need for communication
    • Keeping cells active by enzyme activity
      • Need a suitable temperature
      • Suitable pH
      • Freedom for toxins
    • Stimulus and response
      • Stimulus
        • Environmental change eg temperature
      • Response
        • The way in which the organism responds to the stimulus
    • Coordination and a good communication system
      • Cover the whole body
      • Enable cells to communicate with each other
      • Enable specific response
      • Fast
      • Enable both short term and long term responses
    • Cell signalling
      • Cells communicate with each other by cell signalling
      • 2 major systems of communication that work by cell signalling (neuronal and hormonal system)
        • Neuronal system is an interconnected network of neurones that signal to each other across synapse junctions
        • Hormonacl system uses the blood to transport its signal allowing long term responses to be coordianted


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