Nazi economy during the war

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  • The Nazi Economy at War
    • The expansion of the Nazi economy
      • War decrees  from 1939
      • Military expenditure doubled between 39 and 41
      • Rationing from the start of the war. German  labour force rapidly  mobilised summer of 1941- 55% of work force was involved in war related work
    • The limitations of economic mobilisation
      • Armaments production remained low despite mobilisation
      • Mobilisation was inefficient and poorly co-ordinated
      • There were many groups involved with mobilsation- some couldn't agree
    • Total war 1941-45
      • Rationalisation Decree - to reform the economy by eliminating waste or labour and materials
      • Speer Feb 1942= turning point. He made things more efficient. He employed more women in factories. He made effective use of workers in concentration camps. He prevented skilled workers from being lost to military conscription.
    • The successes and limitations of  Speer's economic rationalisation
      • Ammunition production increased by 97%. Tank production rose by 25%. Total arms production increased by 59%
        • Limitations
          • Germany could have produced more
          • Couldn't counter the affects of the Anglo- American bombing


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