Non religious views

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  • The nature and non-religious views
    • Life after death
      • Some do not believe in God and believe life is all there is
        • No God and no spirit world
        • Different religions contradict each other
      • Science shows that the mind cannot survive without the body
      • Some believe it
        • Near death experiences- when someone is clinically dead for a time and then comes back to life and can remember what happened
        • Evidence of a spirit world (ghosts, ouija boards or mediums)
    • Nature of Abortion
      • Law allows it if:
        • Mother's life is at risk
        • Child is likely to be handicapped
        • there would be serious effect on other children in the family
      • cannot be carried out after 24 weeks of pregnancy
      • Most non religious people believe a woman should have the right to do what she wants with her own body
    • Euthanasia
      • providing a gentle and easy death to someone suffering
      • Examples: assisted suicide, voluntary suicide, non-voluntary suicide
        • British law says these are all forms of murder
    • Multi ethnic society
      • Britain is a multi ethnic society
        • more variety of ideas so advances quicker as a country
          • Although some people are not treated equally which causes problems
      • without community cohesion a multi ethnic society will become violent and divded
    • Changing attitudes to marriage and family life
      • most people have pre-marital sex
      • many couples cohabit (live together but are not married)
      • most marriages do not take place in church
      • Divorce is accepted as a normal part of life


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