the natural causes of climate change

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  • The NATURAL causes of climate change
    • changes in the EARTH'S ORBIT
      • Precession
      • Eccentricity
      • Obliquity
    • Changes in SOLAR OUTPUT
      • 11 year sunspot activity where the dark spots indicate areas areas of more intense magnetic activity because it reduces convection = a brighter sun
    • Volcanic emissions
      • can lead to brief periods of cooling  b/c ash and dust ejected high into the atmosphere which blankets the earth and reducing incoming insolation
    • cosmic collisions
      • large asteroids causing dramatic climate change. e.g. extinctionof the dinosaurs thought to be caused by meteor strike 65 million years ago.
    • The ENSO cycle
      • Untitled
    • The North Atlantic Oscillation
      • independent climatic phenomenon - may explain very cold winter of 2010 in europe


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