History - The National Anti-Slavery Society

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  • The National Anti-Slavery Society
    • General Info
      • Created in 1833
      • By 1838 had 250,000 members
      • Members were mainly wealthy and well educated
      • Women played a big role as well as freed slaves
      • Churned out a mass of literature
      • Petitioned congress leading to the 'gag rule' in 1836
    • Why did they win support?
      • World-wide phenomenon in which British writings played an important role
      • Evangelic protestants attacked sin including slavery
    • Problems in the North
      • Many northerners feared an exodus of freed slaves to the north
      • Anti-slavery meetings sometimes broken up by angry mobs
      • In 1837 Elijah Lovejoy became the first abolitionist martyrs
      • Split over whether to create party or work through existing parties
      • Garrison wanted nothing to do with politics
      • Their Liberty party won only 7000 votes in 1840
      • Conflict over whether there should be a slave revolt or to use moral force
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    • Problems in the South
      • Slave revolt by Nat Turner in 1831 killed 55 - abolitionists were blamed for this
      • Southerners attacked back with slavery being "a positive good"
      • Bible seemed to sanction slavery
      • Slave owners were more wealthy than most people
      • Those suspected of having abolitionists sympathies were abused


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