The multi-store model of memory

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  • The multi-store model of memory
    • Uses information from the 5 senses.
    • Information is encoded in a different way depending on each store and all have different duration and capacity.
    • Information travels in a 1-way direction in order to reach the LTM, yet information can be brought back to the STM.
    • Sensory store
      • Holds information for a very brief period of time.
      • Information can be transferred into the STM as long as attention is paid to the information
      • Sperling: Participants saw a grid of digits and letters. They were either asked to write down all 12 or they would hear a tone and have to write down the letters on the row associated with the tone. Recall was poorer for all 12 than 1 row.
    • STM:
      • Duration of 7+/-2
      • Limited capacity
      • Brief duration


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