The Moon Lady

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  • The Moon Lady
    • Ying-Ying St. Clair
      • Rarely voices her thoughts
        • Wasn't always so. On the moon day she shared her thoughts with the moon lady.
      • Discovers her shadow
        • Symbolic
          • Being pulled between obedience
            • Part of the group
            • And independence
              • Isolation
              • The image of the shadow echoes the phenomenon of doppelganger
              • Torn between her anti-thetical desires
                • Feels like she does not belong anywhere any more
      • Feels hope and joy, but also identifies with the moon lady's suffering
        • Surrendered her identity-> felt herself being transformed into a shadow
    • Shackle of communication
      • The daughter blocks out her mother's voice by using mechanical devices
      • The mother is locked in and distant
      • The material items reflect the distance between them
      • Part of an American culture
      • Alienated, nothing in common
      • Can no longer hear one another
    • The focus on childhood helps narrator to discover her identity
    • Her identity and independence were denied
      • The girl was restless and ignored
        • Peripheral character
    • Girls are expected to be reserved
      • The bird is a symbol
        • She is like a bird with a ring around its neck
          • She repressed her identity for many years
            • Cannot communicate with her daughter
              • Like the bird's throat Y-Y's throat is constricted
    • The moon seems beneficant
      • A force of good
    • Onomatopoeia
    • Just as the swan in the parable is not a swan, the moon lady is not really a woman.
    • Loss and reclamation of cultural+ individual identities
      • Desperate to be reunited with her family and herself
        • Feels as if she has lost her family and her self
          • Her daughter suffered similar losses


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