monkey trial

monkey trial

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  • The Monkey Trial
    • 1.Fundamentalist wanted the schools to teach the story of the Divine Creation of Man
    • 2) 1924, the state Tennessee passed the Butler Act, making it illegal for public schools to teach the theory of evolution
    • 3) John Scopes challenged the ban. He taught evolution in his class in Tennessee in order to be arrested and put on trial
    • 4)Trial took place in July 1925. Both sides hired the best lawyers.
    • 5) John Scopes was supported by the American Civil Liberties Union and defended by Clarence Darrow (a famous criminal lawyer). Prosecutor was William Jennings Bryan (a fundamentalist)
    • 6) Trial became a debate between science and religion
    • 7) Bryan was shown to be confused and ignorant. Media mocked those who opposed the theory of evolution.
    • 8) Scopes was convicted of breaking the law and was fined $100
    • 9) Many fundamentalists viewpoints were seen as an attempt to stifle the freedom of speech


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