Dismissal Process

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  • The Minor Dismissal Process E.G. Lateness
    • Have a meeting with employee
      • Try resolve the issue
        • E.G. Employee explains they are having trouble getting to work for X reason.
          • Solutions?
            • Change shift patterns?
              • Instead of having a shift starting at 9:00am start at 11:00am but finish later?
              • Move to different days?
              • Night shift?
            • Once a solution or the problem is resolved, then everything is back to normal
      • Employee explains why they keep turning up late
      • Solutions? Flexible?
      • The meeting is to find out why the employee keeps turning upto work late and ways to resolve the issue
      • Verbal Warning
        • A verbal warning can then be issued if the employee has no good reason why they keep turning up late to work
          • Employee cannot be bothered to get out of bed and go to work
        • A verbal warning is to show the employee that they need to imporve and your are not happy
          • This generally will get the message across that you are not happy and most cases will stop here
        • Written Warning
          • A wirtten warning can then be issued if the employee is still turning up late
            • The written warning can then go on the employees record
          • The written warning is more serious than a verbal warning. This is becasue it is usually formally addressed instead of being a informal conversation with the employer
          • Final Warning
            • This is the last warning an employee will usually get through the dismissal process
              • The final warning could mean that the employee can be transfered to another department if they really hate their job instead of dismissing them
            • There are many options a business can take instead of sacking the employee
            • A final warning can then be issued if they still keep turning up to work late
            • Dismissal
              • The final satage of the dismissal process if the dismissal of the employee and the termination of their employment contract
              • This is the last resport a business should take and every possible outcome from step 5 and before should have been treid out.
              • End of the line
  • By Josh HarmerLeeds City College Buisness BTEC Level 3 Dimpla (280 UCAS points) Year 2Employment Law for Assignment 3


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