The Middle East and Energy

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  • The Middle East
    • Demand
      • Middle East's energy consumption rises by 65%
      • The regions share of the global energy consumption rises from 6% in 2011 to 7% in 2030
      • Demand for gas (+85%) and Oil (+41%) surge with a very large growth in renewables, nuclear and hydro due to an extremely low base effect.
      • Energy consumed in the power generation rises by 58%; energy demand in transport rises by 63%
    • Energy Supply
      • The Middle East's energy production rises by 33%, as the regions share of global energy production remains at 14%.
      • Production grows of both oil (+19%) and Gas (+68%) and both maintain their dominance in the production mix.
        • Gas grows from 27% to 34% in 2030. While Oil falls from 73% to 65%
    • Development
      • Industry remains the largest final energy consumer of all sectors and sees growth of 68% while maintaining its market share of 43%
    • Environmental Effect
      • Fossil fuels account for an overwhelming 98% of energy consumption
      • Middle East CO2 emissions (from energy use) will grow by 59% as energy consumption per capita increases by 21%


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