Biological Model (BING)

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  • The Medical (Biological) Model (BING)
    • Biochemistry
      • Disorders may be due to an imbalance of chemicals in the nervous system. Too much or too little of certain chemicals
    • Infection
      • Bacteria or Viruses can cause physical illness such as flu. Or germs and microorganisms can cause physiological disorders. Barr found schizophenic tendencies in children whose mother had flu when pregnant.
    • Neuroanatom
      • May offcur if structure of the brain is damaged. Mental deterioration can cause severe maladptiveness ie: alzeimers. Evidence from post moryrmd that brain of schizophrenias are different to normal. Uncertainty to whether illness caused change in brain structure of vv
    • Genes
      • The presence of certain genes can predispose a person to disorders ( more vulnerable)
        • Adoption Studies: studies compare people adopted with biological parents. Since raised apart, similarities with biological parents indicate  genetic influences. Difficult to seperate genetic influence with environment
          • Twins: Studies investigate the liklihood of pairs of twins share same disorder. Compares monozygotic (MZ) twins (indentical- same genes) with dizygotic (DZ) twins (share 50% of genes). Would expect higher proportion of MZ's to share the disorder if genes are contibutory factor. McGuffin: 200 twins, found that when an identical twins suffered w depression, 46% chance other would. for fraternal, it was 20%.
        • Famalies: family study of family tree traced whether a disorder runs in the family. Weissman argued 10x more likely to suffer mood disorder if parent or sibling had similiar disorder. Kender et al found relatives of schizophreni18x more likely to get illness. Could be due to other factors rather than genes though
      • No blame: person not responsible- in need of help not punishment
        • Stigma: People with mental disorders are feared. Dont know how to respond, unpredictable Dangerous?
          • Relinquishing ResponsibiliyPatients encouraged to become passive? no responsibility
            • Research: LOADS of research done, McGuffin
              • Reductionist: Explains phenomena by breaking it down to fundemental level. Not as simple as 'brain cells'. Emotion?
                • Diagnosis: Always a 'biological cure' can lead to incorrect diagnosis and wrong treatment. Some disorder have physiological basis that cant be explained by biological model


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