Communication and Culture- The mass media

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  • The Mass Media
    • Marxist View
      • Mass media oppresses
      • Teaches dominant ideology that supports powerful position of elite- the family (soaps), the nation (the news), the team (sport/music, Class Identity (adverts, goods = status)
      • Distracts the masses away from thinking about the oppressive system (CHOMSKY BREAD AND CIRCUS)
      • Binds the masses together- celebrity culture (Big Brother)
      • Teaches negative attitudes to outsiders- Althusser's ISA's, Gramsci.
      • FEMINISM: As Marxism but elite happens to be men.
    • Post Modernity View
      • Mass Media is vast
        • Mass Media is diverse- alternative cultures/ value systems NCT
        • Audiences are active- uses and gratifications (YouTube)
      • Think about the impact of new communication technology, especially the   internet.
        • The global village is the term used by Marshall McCluhan to describe the ability to be connected to anyone anywhere on the planet- we share cultures.
      • Mass Media defines our world- style over substance (Boosh/fashion primark)


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