The Manhunt by Simon Artimage

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  • The Manhunt
    • Rhyming Couplets
    • "Only then would he let me trace"-suggests she is slowly overcoming in his resistance.
    • Repetition of the word 'only' suggesting a repetitive and slow painstaking process.
    • "Porcelain collar-bone" emphasises how fragile he is.
    • "The parachute silk of his punctured lung."- Parachutes are  used in the army to save you from falling- a damaged one would be useless.
      • Which links into: the poem being related to war.
    • "where the bullet..."-"blown hinge of his lower jaw"-"unexploded mine"
      • Are all quotes related to war, suggesting this is the husband of a wife you has been to war, and she is trying to mend her lost relationship as well as his scars.
    • "Sweating unexploded mine"- suggests tension and stress
    • "every nerve in his body had tightened and closed."- ready to stop living?
    • "Then, and only then, did i come close."- close to death?
    • "And feel the hurt"
      • Consonance emphasises his emotional pain.
    • At the start we immediately notice the changing state of intimacy between the woman and her lover
    • There is a profound sense that this is an event which has been a long time in arriving, since we are told that these events are taking place after the 'first phases'.
    • Suggests a mesmerising image which softens the shock of the injuries.
      • The use of elaborate metaphors such as 'the frozen river which ran through his face'.
    • The opening of the first section of the poem reads like the intimate start of a new relationship.
      • Where the 'first phase' could've been a dinner date.
        • However the title strikes us as being something ominous and threatening as 'manhunt' brings to mind police chasing down criminals with dogs and helicopters.
          • So when we read the first few lines of the poem we are immediately struck by the contrasting images presented in the title and opening lines.
            • Is it the speaker hunting the man?


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