The logical problem of evil

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  • The logical problem of evil
    • Hume's inconsistant triad
      • 1. God is benevolent
      • 2. God is omnipotent
      • 3. Evil exists
      • only two can exist alongside eachother
      • unorthodox god- theistic God is logically impossible
      • Conc= God must be either impotent or malicious
    • Mackie
      • Develops Hume
      • Added to triad that "A Wholly good being eliminates evil as far as he can"
      • Only statement 2 is true (evil exists)
      • Belief in God is irrational
      • E.g believing in God is like believing an object is 1. round and 2.square
    • Aquinas
      • Evil is prevation
        • Some things are just less good than others
      • States a version of Humes argument in Summa Theologica to then explain why it doesn't exceed
      • "he is infinate goodness. If, therefore, God existed there would be no evil discoverable.
    • Epicurus
      • Earliest known reference 341-270BC
      • Able and unwilling = envious God
      • Willing nor able = envious and feeble
      • Willing and able= what causes evil?
      • Willing and unable= feeble


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